This is the ‘before’ photo of what we refer to as our ‘Secret Garden’. A space we set aside to create a nature conservation and sensory setting for our Special needs daycare clients. 

With a lot of help from Perdy, our friendly large Black Sow, the area has been cleared ready to start designing and planning!  

We now have the mamouth task of deciding how to design the area, now it is cleared you can really see the size we have to ‘play’ with. 

We are collecting ideas from the Internet and involving our daycare service users in the design and creation too. 

Our aim is to create areas benefitting everyone as all of our clients have different needs and passions. 

I am currently searching for items old and new to help create a musical  area, a bug hotel and a relaxation zone…. These are just a few as things like a hedgehog home, dormouse and butterfly boxes even a few raised planters for herb gardening are in my thoughts. 

Pictures from Pinterest  
If anyone can help with materials we would all be so grateful. As the saying goes ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’!  We want to make this area as magical as possible for everyone to enjoy…. Perhaps even the odd school visit! 

Items we are hunting for : 

  • Large bamboo pipe
  • Clear Perspex pipe approx 30cm diameter 1.5m tall 
  • Old bricks 
  • Long lengths of thick rope – neutral colour 
  • Metal dustbin lid
  • Wooden barrels 
  • Clay pipes 
  • Pine cones (lots ) 

Can you help?