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T’is the season to be busy!! 

Our ewes have started to lamb… Over the next 5 weeks approximately 140 ewes will be giving birth to what we can only hope will be over 200 healthy lambs. 

With our recent troubles, the next few weeks are making us feel rather apprehensive as to how it will go. 

Monday night in the early hours our first ewe, a mule expecting triplets, started to Lamb. A little early so we were rather worried it was another abortion but only a few days early we had to treat it as a normal birth and hope the lambs were alive. Luke was out in the barn to assist the ewe, I was snuggled up in my bed poorly with my poorly 2 yr old snuggled next to me! 

The first lamb presented badly,and after a difficult assist Luke managed to lamb all three. All alive but small & weak! As triplets, they were all given collostrum and a shot of ‘kick start’ in an effort to give them a fighting chance, the ewe had a good udder and all three drank. At 4am Luke finally got to bed. Sadly when he went back out at 7am to check and do the farm rounds, one of the lambs had died, a few hours later another died. A very depressing result but nature I suppose! 

Sheep never seem keen on living!! 

Today, the next ewe one of our lovely pedigree lleyns, gave birth to two lovely lambs totally unassisted. A ram and a ewe lamb!! All being well the ewe lamb will be kept to grow our flock. This is known as a ‘replacement’.

Checked regularly throughout the day, I can report the last remaining lamb with the mule and these two are so far doing well… 

I hope to share more good news soon!