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We are very proud to announce Solomon became a Big brother recently!!!!

Baby knight was born a week early at 10:27am May 4th. Star Wars day so name suggestions have been … R2D2, chubaka, C3PO and the most popular… Jed I. Knight

Despite those suggestions his name is Rex!

Rex is now the youngest here on the farm but not the only one to recently be named….

One of our orphan lambs has become incredibly tame and i swear think it is a dog. Subsequently Solomon and Luke have started to become quite attached to him. It’s a shame he wasn’t left entire he would have been a nice ram! Solomon has now named him ‘Noah’ so I am unsure how it will go when the time comes to send him to slaughter ūüė¶

Maybe someone would like a pet lamb?? Great for mowing the lawn…

Might try to post a video soon if I get the chance between motherhood and farm duties!!<!